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Owning show and pleasure horses, my first priority is their health and welfare. Our world today is full of chemicals and often times we and our animals may have allergies to these chemicals and other environmental things. Using VIP, which contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, has made it safe and much easier to care for my horses and pets, including myself. I use all of the current VIP products and will use all products created by VIP in the future. VIP has cut my time and costs down by ½ in preparing for show times.
Karen Benson
Owner, Indian Rock Stables, Saugus, MA

I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to your wonderful products. As an owner of a Friesian, I spend endless hours grooming and bathing and I could not believe what a difference the shampoo make on his body, especially his mane and tail. I have never seen it so black and shiny. The detangler is fabulous and the comb just slides through that thick mane and tail. And the products smell great also. Thank you, I will recommend your products to all of my friends.
Susan Hall
Petaluma, CA

I used your fly spray on a horse that is known to hate being outside because of the bugs. After riding her and hosing her down, I let her graze and put some of your fabulous fly spray on her, and she ate in peace! Usually she eats two blades of grass and then wants to go back to her stall because of the bugs. Not this time. Others even commented on how much she was enjoying eating the grass without the bugs.
Wholesome Horse Products, New Hampshire

I met your reps back in March of 2004. They allowed me samples of both the horse and dog products. I had been very clear to them that I would not bring a product into the shop, without first using it on my own animals. In May, I purchased my first case orders for the shop.

I show both horses and dogs. Product quality and consistency is of the utmost importance in both venues. I have shared “sample” products with my fellow competitors. Most of the folks are outside of “my” customer base. They are now sourcing the products in their respective areas. So far, so good!!!
Robyn D. Woodard
President, Ravenbourne, Inc.

To VIP Equine Products,
I wanted to let you know how much I love your products. I recently purchased a 10 year old quarter horse that had a really dull and dry coat and nothing seemed to help. I tried EVERYTHING! I heard about your product and tried it. Not only did it lather up nice, it smelled good and didn’t irritate my horse's already dry skin. I have very sensitive skin myself and found it very gentle on my skin, too!! I really like the clean scent. So, after using your shampoo just once, I am hooked on VIP and haven’t used anything else since. Your product is affordable and lasts a long time. You don’t have to use the entire bottle to get results. I have received a lot of nice comments about his coat and how it just shines. Even after rolling in the dirt a dozen times, all the grime just brushes out. I don’t have to keep washing him all the time, which is very nice. I can spend more time riding!! So, thanks for making such a terrific product.
Your friend,
Karyn and Blaze
Sacramento, CA

As a horse owner and competitor of a Morgan horse, a breed whose trademark is a long, thick name and tail, I’m always in search of products that perform. VIP Mane and Tail Detangler does just that! From keeping the mane and tail healthy and tangle free, to providing a beautiful coat luster and highlighting the face before entering the show ring, VIP Mane and Tail does it all. Since I started using this wonderful product, my horse’s mane and tail have grown longer, stronger and fabulously beautiful! Thank you, VIP.
Janet Nestor
Indian Rock Stables, Saugus, MA

I tried the VIP products as a skeptic: I’ve never had much success with these types of products before. I LOVE the Mane & Tail Detangler! Above all, the Fly Repellent worked in the woods right along the marsh – a miracle in its own.
Leah Griffin
Beverly, MA

The VIP horse fly spray was wonderful – not a bug landed on her. It sprays really nice and the detangler was great. Love it!

I borrowed a friend’s VIP detangler and was amazed at how great it made my horse’s tail look. It made it so shiny and sparkly! Her tail is white and almost looks glittery after the detangler.
Katherine Cooper
Portsmouth, NH






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