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VIP Equine Center
a joint venture within the soul of horse and human.

VIP, Very Important Paints, is the core spirit of this equine facility.

My whole life I dreamed of owning horses. But not just any horse, it had to be the paint horse! And not just any paint, but beautiful black and white, palomino, bay and sorrel overo paints that would catch your breath and leave you speechless. In this dream, I also envisioned a breeding program of beautiful, elegant and athletic horses for show, pleasure or both, in other words a VIP, a very important paint for those who love the native spirit of this horse as much as I do.

This vision is well on the trail to the dream catcher. In 2002 fulfillment began as ground was broken on 17-plus lush acres housing deer, elk, and other wildlife bordering the Spanish Fork River with breath taking views of the Wastach mountain range of Utah. Our ranch was well on its way as the barn and arena began construction.

In July 2003 the barn was completed. VIP continues to add additional luxuries to enhance the ranch and we have plans in motion to build a home for the owners on the property.

Forty stalls in VIP's main barn surround a beautiful indoor arena where horses and rider come together in classic concert. For equestrians who prefer the open air, VIP also provides a large outdoor arena. The smaller barn currently houses several horses with outside runs, but remodeling is scheduled in the near future to include a mare care facility, complete with palpitation shoot and veterinarian capability.

Children and adults alike learn about the horse via the venture of lessons, clinics and hands on instruction at the primary arena. VIP presently owns 20 horses in addition to providing full board care for any breed or type, such as Quarter Horses, Warm Bloods, Arabians, Welsh, Shetlands, Thoroughbreds, and many more.

Only the best of care is provided. All stalls are modern and safe. Nutrition is the emphasis of VIP's feeding program, in addition to adequate exercise. All horses are turned out into pasture runs daily and have hot-walker workouts. We also pride ourselves on our grooming and the aesthetic appearance of our horses.

But VIP did not stop there! Christine Heathman, owner of VIP Equine Center, took it a step further and raised the bar with respect to horse care. She developed the best horse care product available aptly named, VIP Equine Products.

These exquisite products were carefully formulated under Christine's direction to be the safest, purest and most effective for our four-footed soul mate, the horse. Christine is already a leader in professional skin care (www.glymedplus.com) for over 25 years and is an expert when it comes to skin.

Balanced botanicals are the foundation of this equine skin care program to ensure optimal conditioning and protection of the horse's hair, mane, tail and skin. No less than the best results are seen and felt every time you apply VIP Equine Care Products.

In the short time VIP has been made available, top trainers, breeders and even Olympic champions use and endorse our outstanding products. Every boarder is given a complimentary starting kit to use at VIP. The beauty of our product is that it is non-toxic to human and horse and safe around all animals. Because VIP is also home to barn cats, dogs, chickens, goats and other creatures, we would never compromise their health by using chemicals in their environment.

Learn more about our wonderful products and botanical grooming for your horse by visiting our web site at www.yourvip.com.

Call us today to inquire how you can become a partner with VIP Equine Center at 800.676.9667. VIP currently has several beautiful, show-quality or pleasure foals for sale.

Currently at stud and on the way to a national champsionship reining horse status is TOP PARR SPARKY, our palomino tob/overo by Zan Parr Shines (290,383) out of Sonny's Top Scarlet (119,217) chestnut overo. TOP PARR SPARKY has been siring nothing but color and 90% have been palomino paints out of foundation stock. Please call Christine Heathman for information and booking availability for 2008 breedings. TOP PARR SPARKY's 2004 foals are absolutely beautiful, correct and exhibit athletic reining quality in addition to loud color and flash. They don't get any better!

Our proudest accomplishment is VIP's yearling stud colt currently being shown at halter. VIP's MAJOR ATTRACTION is making a giant impact at the Midwest paint shows. Capturing several grand champion and reserve grand champion positions. VIP's MAJOR ATTRACTION is not only a star in the ring (you can see his ribbons on display at the ranch), but is our trademark equine who can be seen on many of the labels of our horse care products.

This giant and impressive colt will eventually come back to VIP Equine Park as an integral part of our breeding program. Inquire how you can become part of our unique breeding program.

Visit or call us today. We are so proud of our facility. We guarantee you will be too! 800.676.9667.

Christine Heathman owns VIP Equine Park
VIP Equine Products are available on line @ www.yourvip.com or by calling our office.
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